The Anaheim Pepper

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Anaheim Pepper
Anaheim Pepper
Anaheim Pepper
Images Sourced from the New Mexico chile#Anaheim pepper Wikipedia Record.
Pepper NameAnaheim Pepper
Pepper Cultivar Capsicum Annuum
Scoville 1,500
Wikipedia SummaryNew Mexico chile, which typically grows from a green to a ripened red, is popular in the cuisine of the Southwestern United States, the broader Mexican cuisine, and Sonoran and Arizona cuisine, and an integral staple of New Mexican cuisine. Chile is one of New Mexico's state vegetables, and is referenced in the New Mexico state question 'Red or Green?'.The chile grown in the Hatch Valley, in and around Hatch, New Mexico, is called Hatch chile, but no one cultivar of chile is specific to that area, which is smaller than the acreage used to produce chile with the 'Hatch' label. Cultivation == Fruits of New Mexico chile plants are grown from seeds – and each of the individual strains is specifically bred and grown to be disease-resistant and provide consistent and healthy plants within their specific regions. Hatch chile === Hatch chile refers to varieties of species of the genus Capsicum which are grown in the Hatch Valley, an area stretching north and south along the Rio Grande from Arrey, New Mexico, in the north to Tonuco Mountain to the southeast of Hatch, New Mexico. To protect Hatch and other New Mexican growers, state legislators passed a 2012 law prohibiting the sale in New Mexico of chile described as 'New Mexican' unless grown in New Mexico or came with a prominent 'Not grown in New Mexico' disclaimer.
Scoville Low500
Scoville High2,500
Scoville Median 1,500
LocationCountry: Mexico
Lat: 23.63 Long: -102.55
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Need Wholesale CBD?