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Pepper NameBig Jim Heritage Pepper
Pepper Cultivar Capsicum Annuum
Scoville 4,000
Wikipedia SummaryThe Big Jim pepper is a New Mexico chile pepper cultivar of the species Capsicum annuum with a mild Scoville rating. This cultivar is extensively grown in New Mexico where it was developed and is popular in New Mexican cuisine. The Big Jim is a hybrid of New Mexican chilies and a Peruvian pepper that was developed at New Mexico State University by Dr. Nakayama in 1975 in cooperation with Jim Lytle, the person for whom this chili pepper is named. The Big Jim chili holds the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest chili pepper in the world, with individual fruits routinely exceeding 14 inches in length. In common with most New Mexico chili cultivars, Big Jim chilies are somewhat variable in their fruiting, and produce individual peppers of varying heat, with most of the peppers being very mild (500 SHU), and an occasional medium pepper (3,000 SHU).
LocationCountry: United States of America
Lat: 37.09 Long: -95.71
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