The Bishop's Crown Pepper

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Bishop's Crown Pepper
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Pepper NameBishop's Crown Pepper
Pepper Cultivar Capsicum Baccatum
Scoville 17,500
Wikipedia SummaryThe bishop's crown, Christmas bell, or joker's hat, is a pepper, a cultivar of the species Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum, named for its distinct, three-sided shape resembling a bishop's crown.Although this variety can be found in Barbados, and is Capsicum baccatum var. Today, it is also grown in Europe, possibly brought there from Brazil by the Portuguese sometime in the 18th century.The actual plant is relatively large, being 3-4 ft (0.8-1.2 m) in height. These somewhat flying saucer-like peppers grow to about 1.5 in (4 cm) wide.The flesh inside each pepper is thin, yet crisp. Other names == This pepper has numerous common names, some of which are shared by other varieties of the species.
Scoville Low5,000
Scoville High30,000
Scoville Median 17,500
LocationCountry: Brazil
Lat: -14.24 Long: -51.93
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DescriptionBishop's Crown is sometimes referred to as Bishop's Hat.
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