The Fatalii Pepper Mash

The Incredible Fatalii Pepper Mash from Hot Sauce Survey

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Fatalii Pepper Mash
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Pepper NameFatalii Pepper Mash
Pepper Cultivar Capsicum Chinense
Scoville 225,000
Wikipedia SummaryThe Fatalii is a cultivar of the chilli pepper Capsicum chinense developed in southern or central Africa from chilies introduced from the Americas. It is described as having a fruity, citrus flavor with a searing heat comparable to the habanero, to which it is related and from which it may have derived. History == Originally from the Americas, like all chilli species, the specific variety known as Fatalii was 'discovered' and is thought to have developed in Central Africa. Since commerce between the Americas and Africa has spanned some four centuries or more, this is uncontroversial. The red version of Fatalii apparently has a somewhat different flavor and shorter, wider pods, maturing from medium green to dark red but the strain is unstable, throwing yellow and orange fruit.
Scoville Low125,000
Scoville High325,000
Scoville Median 225,000
LocationCountry: South Africa
Lat: -30.56 Long: 22.94
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