The Oleoresin Paprika Pepper

The Impressive Oleoresin Paprika Pepper from Hot Sauce Survey

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Need Wholesale CBD?
Pepper NameOleoresin Paprika Pepper
Pepper Cultivar Currently Unknown
Scoville N/A
Wikipedia SummaryPaprika oleoresin (also known as paprika extract and oleoresin paprika) is an oil-soluble extract from the fruits of Capsicum annuum or Capsicum frutescens, and is primarily used as a colouring and/or flavouring in food products. It is composed of vegetable oil (often in the range of 97% to 98%), capsaicin, the main flavouring compound giving pungency in higher concentrations, and capsanthin and capsorubin, the main colouring compounds (among other carotenoids). It is much milder than capsicum oleoresin, often containing no capsaicin at all. In the United States, paprika oleoresin is listed as a color additive “exempt from certification”. In Europe, paprika oleoresin (extract), and the compounds capsanthin and capsorubin are designated by E160c.
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