The Piquin Pepper

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Piquin Pepper
Piquin Pepper
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Pepper NamePiquin Pepper
Pepper Cultivar Currently Unknown
Scoville 45,000
Wikipedia SummaryPequin (or piquín) pepper is a hot chili pepper cultivar commonly used as a spice. It's also known as chile pequín / chile petín / chiltepe (in Guatemala and El Salvador), chile congo (in Nicaragua and northern region of Costa Rica), chile de monte / chile del monte / chile mosquito / mashito (by the Chontal/Maya natives in Tabasco), amash / timpinchile (in Chiapas), chilpaya (in Veracruz), maax'ik (in Yucatán) and chile kipín (in Huasteca). Its fruit is oblong and is found in the wild from the American Southwest to the Andes. The Cholula brand hot sauce lists piquin peppers and chile de arbol peppers among its ingredients.Pequin peppers are highly valued in Mexico, often costing more than 10 times the price of other peppers, but their cultivation is limited due to low seed germination (15% average germination rate) and susceptibility to disease. It is possible to find them in undisturbed sites of the low deciduous forest, as well as along the roads, in orchards, pastures and under the remaining vegetation on the banks of cultivation fields.
Scoville Low30,000
Scoville High60,000
Scoville Median 45,000
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