The Red Savina Mash Pepper

The Majestic Red Savina Mash Pepper from Hot Sauce Survey

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Red Savina Mash Pepper
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Pepper NameRed Savina Mash Pepper
Pepper Cultivar Capsicum Chinense
Scoville 463,500
Wikipedia SummaryFrank Garcia of GNS Spices, in Walnut, California, is credited as the developer of the Red Savina, but the exact methodology that Garcia used to select the hottest breeding strains is not publicly known. Description == The Red Savina typically measures 2 inches by 1.5 inches (5 x 3.5cm), and is described by cultivators as a 'wrinkled' fruit with a 'Chinese lantern' shape. Unlike a conventional orange habanero, the Red Savina is distinctively dark red, and may have been bred using spicy red mutations of habanero. Pungency == The Red Savina chili once held the record as the hottest chili in the world (according to the Guinness World Records), but was displaced by the bhut jolokia chili (commonly translated and known as the 'Ghost Pepper') in February 2007. The average bhut jolokia is 1,019,687 SHUs, and 'blasted past' the Red Savina by a factor of 2 to emerge as the temporary title-holder.
Scoville Low350,000
Scoville High577,000
Scoville Median 463,500
LocationCountry: United States of America
Lat: 37.09 Long: -95.71
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